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Important SafeSport Information

By Buckeye Travel Hockey League, 07/09/19, 4:30PM EDT


Changes to the USA Hockey SafeSport program will affect your association and roster approvals.

For any associations that were not at recent MidAm Annual Meeting, as a courtesy we want to call your attention to some important changes to the USA Hockey SafeSport program. Note that there are some things your association will need to do before the registrars will approve your rosters.
Please take some time to review the slides from the MidAm meeting, and updated SafeSport Handbook, available on the USA Hockey website at
Associations will be required to certify that they are in compliance with the USA Hockey SafeSport program.
Registrars will not approve any team rosters until the program has provided MidAm with the signed certification and list, as of the date of the submission of the certification, of coaches, managers, and other volunteers with regular, routine, or frequent access to youth participants, and all board members.
Please do not put off making sure your association, board members, coaching staff, and other volunteers are in compliance with the SafeSport program. It is a violation of BTHL rules for teams to play any league games without an approved USA Hockey roster. This includes the Seeding Tournament games coming up on September 14-15.