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Score and Misconduct Reporting

By BTHL, 10/08/18, 11:45PM EDT


All scores, misconduct penalties, and suspensions must be reported to the league as soon as possible.


  • Accurate scorekeeping is important. Associations should be sure scorekeepers know how to fill out the scoresheet. Please remember:
    1. Scoresheet must include a complete team roster before the start of the game. Draw a line through any player not playing. If stickers are used, be sure you line out any absent players on all copies of the scoresheet.
    2. Indicate the reason for each absent player as "S" for suspended, "I" for illness/injury, or "A" for other absence.
    3. Head coaches must sign the score sheet before the game starts.
    4. Document all penalties legibly and properly. Penalties called with misconduct (e.g. “2-and-10”) are recorded as two separate lines on the score sheet (the infraction and the misconduct).
    5. If it’s not written up on the scoresheet, it didn’t happen. The league cannot overrule what is (or is not) written on the scoresheet. Any protest must be noted on the scoresheet before the copies are separated.
    6. Scorekeepers should be familiar with USA Hockey Scorekeeping starting on Page 8.
  • The HOME TEAM is required to enter their scores for league games on the BTHL website within 24 hours. A copy (legible photo or scan) of the scoresheet must also be uploaded to the league.

Suspensions and Misconduct Reports

  • All misconduct penalties and suspensions must be reported to the league as soon as possible. We ask for these within two hours of the end of the game. All misconducts should be reported, including 2-and-10 even if there is no suspension. Use the Misconduct Report on the BTHL Website under the Suspension tab. Submit a separate report for each penalty.
  • BTHL Rule -- any player who receives a Game Misconduct in a league game must sit the next league game. Please note that a single Game Misconduct could result in sitting two (2) games if the penalty occurred in a league game and the next game for the team happens to be non-league.
  • BTHL Rule -- Any player, coach or manager who receives two game misconducts in one season will be suspended for the next two (2) league games over and above the normal USA Hockey rules.
  • USA Hockey continues to strictly enforce automatic misconduct or game misconduct penalties for "aggressive infractions."
  • USA Hockey has implemented "progressive suspensions" nationally. Any player who receives their third major penalty during the same season for any combination of aggressive infractions shall receive an additional three-game suspension. For any player who receives their fourth major penalty in this category, the player shall receive an additional five-game suspension. Any player who receives their fifth major penalty in this category during the same season shall be suspended until a hearing is conducted by the proper authorities (Mid-Am). These designated game suspensions shall be in addition to any other suspensions imposed through the official playing rules. The aggressive infractions that fit into this category are:
    1. Rule 603 Boarding
    2. Rule 604 Body Checking (Body Contact categories)
    3. Rule 606 Butt-Ending
    4. Rule 607 Charging
    5. Rule 608 Checking From Behind
    6. Rule 609 Cross-Checking
    7. Rule 611 Elbowing
    8. Rule 619 Head-Butting
    9. Rule 620 Head Contact
    10. Rule 621 High Stick
    11. Rule 627 Kicking
    12. Rule 628 Kneeing
    13. Rule 634 Slashing
    14. Rule 635 Spearing
    15. Rule 639 Tripping/Clipping/Leg Checking
    16. Rule 640 Unnecessary Roughness (Roughing)