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8U MITE General Information

8U Mite hockey is back in the BTHL! 

The 8U Mite Division includes teams from the region (Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia) which play in Jamborees with league associations every weekend starting in November.  The BTHL follows USA Hockey for league development.  

 Please find the latest news on the 8U division, jamboree schedules and more  below.

8U/Mite Teams 2019-20 Season*     Red             White           Blue         Total   
     Indian Hill Winter Club (IHWC) Rangers (3)       1 1 1 3
Louisville Ice Cardinals (KAIHA) (2)   1 1 2
Cincinnati Swords (5) 1 1 3 5
Troy Bruins Youth Hockey (2)   1 1 2
Dayton Hockey Association (6) 1   5 6
Lexington (1)     1 1
Miami (3) 1 1 2 4
Charleston, WV (2)   1 1 2
NKY (2) 1   1 2
Bloomington (IN) (1)   1   1
Total 8U Teams 5 7 16 28

*Includes Mite Teams registered in BTHL, does not include any association 8U house league teams.



8U MITE UPDATES (as of 11/12/19)

Thank you for the continued feedback from 8U Commissioners and Coaches on Mites team placement and game play. 

8U MITE TEAM OVERVIEW:  Following 3 weekends of jamboree play, the 8U RED, WHITE and BLUE team overview can be found here CLICK HERE.   

8U MITE JAMBOREE SCHEDULE UPDATE:  Jamboree Schedule has been published for the remainder of the 2019-20 season.  JAMBOREE MASTER SCHEDULE

JAMBOREE SCHEDULE CHANGES: Schedule changes involve ice availability, team blackout dates, limiting travel, associations with in-house mite leagues, and parity of play.    Please email any Jamboree schedule changes.


Feedback or Questions? CLICK HERE

8U Mite Jamboree Schedule (2019-20 Season)

Please send any Scheduling Requests to and

8U Teams By Compete Level

8U Teams by Red, White and Blue Levels

8U Mite USA Hockey Roster Submission

Please copy and paste the link to your team's USA Hockey online roster. This should look like (the last part, shown as xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in this example, will vary for each link). Your association registrar received this link via email when the team's roster was approved.

What is Red, White and Blue Hockey?

USA Hockey's 8U ADM Guide to Red, White and Blue Hockey.