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2019 B Division Seeding

BTHL B Division Seeding Information

Preliminary Division Assignments

B Division League Games:

(This message was also sent by email to all B division team contacts.)

Thank you for your patience and feedback on the Buckeye League’s inaugural year of scheduling and league play for the B Division. 

One of the Buckeye League’s top priorities is competition with parity of play. Parity of play occurs when a player or team is playing at a level of hockey the same or close to the competition. Lopsided scores are rare. In parity of play games, the player is involved and a contributor in the game. Player development increases, players can achieve success and have fun making them want to come back and play again.   

Buckeye has taken the feedback from coaches, managers and associations and have revised the B Division league games for the 2019-20 season by:

  • Departing from the traditional seeding brackets used in the A division, and creating a hybrid league schedule;
  • Starting with the "scheduling grid" like from the former MYHL league; and
  • ADDING the knowledge of game scores and competition from Exhibition game scores held during the last two weeks.

With recreational hockey we understand each division can have a different number of teams and skill set.  The new league game format will provide teams a greater depth of teams to play.  The attached grid has the number of league games to be played by team. Additional non-league games can be scheduled with associations.

A schedule grid link was sent to all team contacts and association reps. To protect the privacy of contact email addresses and phone numbers it is not publicly linked here. Email if you need the link.

Teams will play 14 or 16 league games for the regular season. Where the grid shows 2 games for an opponent, ideally try to schedule those as one home and one away. If you want to schedule an additional game with that opponent on the same day, the second game should be a non-league game. Where the grid shows 4 games, those should be scheduled as 2 home/2 away. The two games can be on the same date.

B Division Contacts – are included in each age group tab for ease of communications.

Next steps for scheduling games - are also included in each age group tab.

If you have questions, please reply directly to