Bylaws and Rules

BTHL Bylaws and Rules

As amended and approved May 2006

Code of Regulations


Article I - Name

This organization shall be known as the Buckeye Travel Hockey League, also called the BTHL or the Corporation. This organization is a non-profit Corporation.

Article II - Purpose

To provide the best environment possible in amateur hockey. The BTHL shall emphasize: the excellence of coaching and teaching the sport; the spirit of competition and fair play; a goal of providing the optimum medium to enhance the ability and attitude of participants as individuals and team representatives; the providing and development of leadership; the fostering and promotion of the reputation of the league, the sponsors, the teams and its players.

Article III - Membership


Membership will consist of area Amateur and/or Youth Ice Hockey Associations. To qualify for membership in the BTHL an Association must be a current member of USA Hockey and in good standing. Application must be made to the BTHL Board of Trustees and approved by two-thirds affirmative vote of all Trustees. A two-thirds vote is also required to revoke membership. If at any time a member Association is suspended or otherwise terminated by USA Hockey, that Association's membership in the BTHL shall be automatically revoked. Re-entry will require application and approval, the same as any other new member. Any team skating for a member Association in good standing, properly registered and rostered by USA Hockey as a Tier II or House/Rec team, may participate in the BTHL.


Membership is non-transferable. No membership shall be transferable or assignable except by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the BTHL Board of Trustees.


Each Association that has successfully applied for membership in the BTHL shall be entitled to one vote on all matters that come before the Corporation at any meeting; it is further provided that each participating Association shall appoint a Representative, plus one Alternate, to this Corporation. The Representative, or Alternate, in the event that the Representative is absent, shall be entitled to cast such vote.


No member Association or Team shall be in any manner, individually or collectively, liable for any act or omission of this Corporation, nor for any loss, damage or injury of whatsoever and or nature suffered by or occurring to any other member team or to any other person, concern or body.


Each member organization is required to attend three board meetings each season. Those meetings shall include the Scheduling meeting, the Annual meeting and one other meeting of the member's choice. Failure to fulfill this commitment will result in, but is not limited to, a fine to be determined by the Executive board at the Annual meeting.

Article IV - Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees, hereinafter called the Board, shall have and exercise all the usual powers of Trustees of a business and Corporation also the immediate government and direction of the property and affairs of the Corporation. The Board shall make all rules and regulations that they deem necessary for the government of the Corporation and for the due and orderly conduct of the Corporation.


Each Association with at least one member team in good standing shall appoint one official Representative and Alternate to act as a League Board Member. The appointment of this Representative is the sole responsibility of the member Association and shall be for a term of one year or until otherwise notified by the Association in writing. The Alternate shall vote in the absence of the Representative but shall not assume the responsibility of an Executive Officer.


The Board shall meet during the month of May each year for their Annual Meeting at which they shall elect officers for the ensuing year. Nominations for Officers of the Executive Board shall take place at the same meeting. Other meetings may be called by any Board Member according to the notice requirements set forth hereinafter. At all meetings of the Board, a quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of a simple majority. Business shall be transacted by a majority vote of all Board Members present, provided a quorum is present. Any action so taken shall be deemed the action of the full Board.


At least ten days written notice shall be given all members of the Board for annual meetings and at least five days notice shall be given of all other meetings of the Board. The last known address of a Board Member in the absence of written notice to the contrary shall be the address appearing in the then current notebook. Emergency meetings may be called by any Officer, or any two Trustees with twenty-four (24) hour notice.


No Board Member shall receive any salary or compensation for services as a Board Member unless otherwise especially approved by the Executive Board. Board Members shall be reimbursed for verified expenses submitted to and approved by the Executive Board.


The Executive Board may employ staff or contract for services as it deems necessary. Duties, responsibilities, qualifications, consideration and compensations shall be set by the Executive Board. Paid staff may be requested to attend meetings and/or report to the Executive Board.


The operation and conduct of this Corporation shall be financed by regular membership fees and dues, voluntary contributing and incidental receipts. All membership fees and dues shall be on a team basis. No team can begin BTHL play until membership fee and dues are paid in full.


The Board shall cause liability or other Insurance to be obtained as deemed necessary or as required by law and shall be paid on an annual basis in such amounts and to such firms as the Board may determine.

Article V - Executive Board


The elected Executive Board shall consist of: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The past president shall automatically become a member of the Executive Board. In the event a board position cannot be filled, open positions will be filled on a rotating basis. New member organizations will be added to the end of the current list. The top name on the list will be the first to fill open spots. As their term expires, the name will be moved to the bottom of the current list. It is expected that the current Vice President will move into the President's position the following season. List will be maintained by the current Executive Board and reviewed/edited at the Annual Meeting. Failure to fulfill this obligation is grounds for expulsion of the member organization from the BTHL for one season. Organization may file for reinstatement to the league after suspension has been served. The Executive Board shall appoint from the remaining Board Members: a Chairperson in charge of Scheduling, a Chairperson in charge of Publicity, a Chairperson in charge of Tournaments and a Chairperson in charge of Rules and Referees.

List of Organizations due to fill Executive Board positions

(effective as of the end of 2005-06 season)

  1. Columbus (CCYHA)
  2. Fort Wayne (Turners)
  3. Lexington
  4. Sylvania
  5. Toledo
  6. Bloomington
  7. Centerville
  8. City of Troy
  9. Butler County
  10. Charleston (WV)
  11. Newark
  12. Louisville (Storm)
  13. Louisville (Stallions)
  14. Columbus (IN)
  15. Columbus (Capitals)
  16. Indianapolis (Racers)
  17. Athens
  18. Findlay
  19. Evansville
  20. Cincinnati
  21. Dayton (Bluehawks)
  22. Northern Kentucky
  23. Dayton (Bombers)
  24. Indianapolis (Fishers)
  25. Gilmour
  26. South Charleston (WV)
  27. Nashville (TPH)



The Treasurer shall furnish a fidelity bond in such amount as the Executive Board annually may deem necessary, the cost thereof to be paid by the Corporation. A counter-signature by a Board Officer, in addition to the Treasurer, shall be required on all checks and savings withdrawals of any amount greater than a limit which shall be set annually by the Executive Board.


The President, after having successfully completed his/her full term in office, shall serve one full year as immediate Past-President of the Board, with the rights, and privileges, and duties pertaining thereto, as a member of the Executive Board.


An officer may be removed by a two-thirds majority vote of the entire Board of Trustees, whenever in its judgment the best interest of the Corporation would be served thereby.


A vacancy in any office shall be elected by the Board of Trustees, from recommendations by the Executive Board or nominations made by Representatives at that meeting for the unexpired portion of the term of office.

Article VI - Duties of Executive Board


The duties of the officers shall be as their title implies and indicates, as required by law and by these Code of Regulations, and as may be assigned to them respectively, from time to time, by the Board.


The President shall preside at all meetings of the Corporation; have the power to call meetings; exercise general direction over the affairs and activities of the Corporation; have the power to create necessary committees; present an annual report to the Board and to the members reviewing the season ended and making such forecast for the season approaching as may be reasonable.


The Vice President shall assist the President in the general direction of all affairs and activities of the Corporation. To aid in the smooth transition of power from year-to-year, an effort should be made to have the Vice-President assume the role of President in the following year.


The Past President shall act as chairperson of the Protest Committee and act in other capacities as may from time to time be requested by the Executive Board. In the event the Past President shall be unable to fulfill his/her duties, the Executive Board shall determine a successor.


The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Executive Board meetings; maintain a membership list; attend to the giving of notices of the corporation; be custodian of the organization records according to the laws of the State of Ohio and the establishment of the Corporation; distribute the minutes of all Executive Board meetings as soon thereafter as possible.


The Treasurer shall have custody of, collect and keep accounts of all money, funds and property of the Corporation and shall render such accounts and present such statements to the Board as may be required. A financial report shall be provided to the Executive Board at each monthly meeting. An annual budget shall be presented to the Executive Board for approval at the July meeting. A tax return and year-end financial report shall be presented to the Executive Board prior to April 15.

Article VII - Executive Committees


There shall be one committee known as the Conduct Committee to be chaired by an individual appointed by the President. This committee shall include as members the Past President and the Division Director of an involved age group. It shall be the duty of the Conduct Committee to hear and make all decisions on all matters of conduct and protest filed with the committee according to the rules and regulation of the Corporation. All decisions made by this committee will be forwarded to the President for his/her official approval and notification of all involved parties.


The Regulations Committee shall be a standing committee. The Code of Regulations shall be reviewed on an annual basis and modifications proposed or its accuracy reported at each annual meeting.


The Tournament Committee shall be a standing committee and shall be co-chaired by the Chairperson-Tournaments and an individual named by the Hosting Association(s). The League playoffs shall constitute the minimum requirement for the Committee.


In addition to maintaining the league website, the webmaster shall organize and chair the annual scheduling meeting at the beginning of each season. The website shall contain the following:

  1. League Rules including official Board Meeting Minutes.
  2. Team Contacts grouped by association and age group.
  3. League Standings.
  4. Team Schedules with Game Results.
  5. Game Suspensions.
  6. Official Team Rosters with optional individual statistics.
  7. Tournament Information including results.
  8. All Official League News, including any Meeting Notices.


There shall be a division director named for each active age group. Job responsibilities include:

  1. Roster compliance - USA Hockey. The Division Director is responsible to verify that teams have submitted official USA Hockey rosters including any addendums issued throughout the year. In the event that league games are played before the receipt of appropriate paperwork, the date stamped on the roster by the USA Hockey Registrar will be used to determine player eligibility. The use of a player that's not properly rostered by USA Hockey BEFORE a game is played is grounds for forfeiture.
  2. Roster compliance - BTHL. The BTHL may have additional requirements and/or restrictions for teams in various divisions. The Division Director shall be responsible to determine and report any non-compliance.
  3. Scheduling issues. Any scheduling problems which surface during the season that cannot be resolved between the involved parties shall be mediated by the appropriate Division Director.
  4. Game results. The team manager for the home team is responsible for reporting game results, preferably by Sunday evening or first thing Monday morning. In the event that results are not reported in a timely manner the Division Director shall be responsible to follow up.
  5. Game suspensions. BOTH teams are responsible for reporting any game suspensions and this report should include the scoresheet. This scoresheet should be FAXED directly to the Division Director.
  6. Scoresheets. Scoresheets are used by the Division Director to verify the accuracy of reported scores, proper reporting of any game suspensions and the verification that suspensions are properly served. If questions surface over the use of an illegal player then the scoresheets will be used to compare with official rosters. The team manager for the home team is responsible for mailing scoresheets to the division director on a weekly basis.
  7. Statistics. Team managers are being asked to submit game results including statistics via the online system. Division Directors should post the stats in cases where the team manager fails to do so.
  8. Conduct Committee. The Division Director is a member of the Conduct Committee for all incidents involving the age group covered by the Division Director.


Other committees may be appointed by the President from time to time as they may become necessary.

Article VIII - Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall begin the first day of June and end on the last day of May. The annual meeting shall coincide with the ending of the fiscal year.

Article IX - Amendments


Proposed amendments to these Code of Regulations shall be read at a general meeting or special meeting called for that purpose, and may be voted upon at that time; provided however that fifteen days prior notice of the proposed change is given to all Board Members.


Adoption shall require a two-thirds majority vote of the entire Board of Trustees.


The By-laws listed above have been adopted for the 2006-07 season by the following members:



Butler County




Columbus (IN)

Columbus (Capitals)

Columbus (CCYHA)

Dayton Bluehawks

Dayton Bombers



Fort Wayne (Komets)

Fort Wayne (Turners)

Indianapolis (Racers)


Louisville (Stallions)

Louisville (Storm)


Northern Kentucky


Toledo (TOYHA)

Troy, City of


Rules and Regulations - 2015-16


I. League Structure

A league structure of games shall be conducted for the following age classifications with a minimum of four (4) member teams: Mite, Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam, Midget16 and Midget18. Eligible teams include any properly USA Hockey registered team from a member Association.

II. League Administration


A team making application to the League must name an official team representative and alternate. This representative shall be responsible for overseeing the conduct of all BTHL games at their respective teams home arena(s). Included among the responsibilities are: checking player and team official status (i.e. suspensions, etc.) and notifying the Conduct Committee of all matters of concern regarding the efficient, fair and sportsmanlike conduct of the League.


So that a current league standing record may be made available, the home team shall be responsible for reporting the score and mailing a copy of the score sheet to the BTHL in accordance with the procedure set forth by the Executive Board. The official record shall be the game score sheet.

III. Team Registration


Commitment of teams to the League shall be made in writing before the last commitment date determined by the Board of Trustees. Application shall be accompanied by a non-refundable fee as determined by the Board. Should an application be rejected by the League for any reason (i.e. not enough teams, etc.) the application fee shall be refunded.


All teams, their players, and team officials shall be registered and in good standing with USA Hockey. The team representative shall place on file with the BTHL a copy of the USA Hockey registration form and roster, including accurate jersey #s, before the start of League play. If an official USA Hockey stamped roster is not available, a copy of the roster submitted to USA Hockey must be provided. Roster changes shall be made in accordance to the rules of USA Hockey. Any roster changes must be sent to the Division Director before any league games are played with the personnel changes. Copies of all original rosters and all changes will be maintained by the Division Director and will be considered the League roster. Any player added after December 31 shall not be eligible for that seasons League play. Participation of a player not rostered with USA Hockey is grounds for forfeiture of all games the player participated in. Violation of BTHL paperwork requirements will result in a $50 fine accompanied with a warning for a first time offense, any subsequent violation is grounds for forfeiture.


Movement of players from one BTHL club to another BTHL club in the same division of play shall be allowed only with the written consent of both franchise holders and accepted by the Board of BTHL. Movement without the written permission of the BTHL Board may result in forfeiture of all games participated in by the player for the offending club.


Players can roster on multiple league teams (referred to as "Double Rostering") for the purpose of player development (alternates) or to serve as backup players in the case of injury/illness during the regular season. The following restrictions apply:

  1. Teams are limited to a maximum of four (4) "Double Rostered" players. This includes three (3) skaters and one (1) goaltender.
  2. Players must be registered and rostered with USA Hockey according to all USA Hockey and BTHL rules. These rules include, but are not limited to:
  3. Players must be rostered with a team by the deadline of December 31 (USA Hockey and BTHL rule).
  4. Teams must stay within any 2nd year player restrictions (BTHL rule).
  5. No player can be rostered on both a Tier I and Tier II team at the same time (USA Hockey rule).
  6. The teams which "share" the rostered players cannot compete in the same division. ie: The teams must be in a different age group (PeeWee, Bantam, etc), or different playing levels (B, A or AA).


In order to qualify for the year-end tournament, a player must participate in at least half of the scheduled games for a team’s regular season.

  1. "Double Rostered" players can play for both teams provided the minimum requirements are met for both teams.
  2. Serving a game suspension will be counted as a "game played" provided it is clearly noted on the scoresheet.
  3. Players with prolonged illness or injury should obtain a doctor's note and petition the Tournament Competition Committee for games missed.
  4. Referees and coaches for both teams are instructed to check players present at each game and cross off players which are not playing before signing the scoresheet.


Teams will be organized at the "B", "A" and "AA" levels.

A "Team Placement Chart" along with any required supporting documents will be generated and refined as necessary by a committee appointed by the President. This chart will then be presented to the general membership for approval each year at the Annual Meeting.

IV. League Games


Each team shall be accompanied at all league games by an adult coach and/or manager.


Team officials (coaches, managers and team representatives) shall be responsible for the conduct of their teams before, during, and after league games, particularly regarding the use of dressing rooms. Incidents of damage or other conduct prohibited by these Rules and Regulations, the rules and regulations of USA Hockey, or by law, should be brought to the attention to the BTHL Conduct Committee. Team Officials shall be held responsible for damages or other loss caused by their teams.


Each Teams Representative shall take action to insure that spectators are not abusive to officials, players, team officials, or other spectators. Abusive actions specifically include the use of laser pointers. Failure to do so could result in team suspension or game forfeiture.


The home team shall furnish official game pucks, a timer and scorekeeper, and at least one hour of ice with adequate dressing room facilities for each team. Scoresheets shall list all registered players of the competing teams, and indicate the player's status if absent or suspended. Where uniform colors are similar, the home team shall supply and wear numbered or see-through "pullovers" or scrimmage vests.


  1. Each home team shall provide at least two officials. Officials must be USA Hockey certified and meet the requirements as established by USA Hockey as set forth in the annual USA Hockey Guide. One adult referee is acceptable with the written approval of both team coaches on the front of the scoresheet, signed before the start of the game. Once the puck is dropped to start the game, neither team can use this rule as a basis to protest the outcome of the game.
  2. If a home team does not have 2 official referees on hand at game time, and the visiting team does not wish to play under these circumstances, then the game is to be re-played at the Home Team's rink and rescheduled within 14 days. If the game cannot be rescheduled at the home rink, the game shall be re-played at the Visitor's rink. In both cases, the offending team will pay for the rescheduled ice and referees. Problems in rescheduling the game must be brought immediately to the attention of the Division Director to avoid a FORFEITURE.
  3. All officials assigned to BTHL games must adhere to the "On-Ice Officials Code of Conduct" as listed in the annual USA Hockey Guide. Further, teams securing on-ice officials should strive not to have referees who are immediate relatives of players or coaches involved in the game. USA Hockey has guidelines which deal with this and these should be followed.


League games shall be played according to the rules as set forth by USA Hockey except as modified herein:


The number of League games shall not exceed 24 for any team at any division. In the case that non-league games are played in addition to league games it is understood that unless otherwise noted ahead of time the first games played during the official season will be considered "league" games. Any additional games during that time will be considered "non-league" scrimmages. The schedule format will be as follows:

  1. With 7 teams or less in a given division, each team will play all the other teams in the division twice at home and twice away for a total of 4 times.
  2. With 8 or 9 teams in a given division, each team will play all the other teams in the division a total of 3 times. All teams should have a balanced schedule with as much as possible, an equal number of home and away league games.
  3. With 10-11 teams in a given division each team will play all the other teams in the division twice -or- consideration should be given to sub-dividing the division. Sub-division could be done geographically (north, south, east, west), estimated talent levels and/or randomly.
  4. With 12 or more teams sub-division must occur.


  1. Mite through PeeWee

Games will be played with 12 minute periods where possible. Where there is not enough ice time for 12 minutes, 10 minutes will be acceptable. If there is enough time for more than 12 minutes, both coaches must be in agreement and the scoresheet must be initialed by both coaches prior to the start of the game, indicating agreement. If one coach is not agreeable with longer periods, 12 minutes will be used.

  1. Bantam

Games will be played with 14 minute periods where possible. Where there is not enough ice time for 14 minutes, 12 minutes will be acceptable. If there is enough time for more than 14 minutes, both coaches must be in agreement and the scoresheet must be initialed by both coaches prior to the start of the game, indicating agreement. If one coach is not agreeable with longer periods, 14 minutes will be used.

  1. Midget

Games will be played with 15 minute periods where possible. Where there is not enough ice time for 15 minutes, 12 minutes will be acceptable. If there is enough time for more than 15 minutes, both coaches must be in agreement and the scoresheet must be initialed by both coaches prior to the start of the game, indicating agreement. If one coach is not agreeable with longer periods, 15 minutes will be used.


In the case of a curfew rink, the game will end at the time the teams must be off the ice. Running time can be used. Visiting teams should be notified as early as possible if a game is a curfew game.


Players in all divisions shall be assessed 2 minutes for a minor, 5 minutes for a major and 10 minutes for a misconduct.


The time listed in the BTHL schedule shall be the time that both teams are to take the ice. A reasonable warm-up period shall be allowed both teams (whether or not they are on the ice) commencing at the designated starting time, or at the time the ice becomes available, whichever is later.


Teams will shake hands AFTER the game.


A player or coach who receives a penalty during a league game requiring sitting out a game shall be suspended for at least his team's next league game. USA Hockey rules apply to non-league games in addition to the BTHL suspension. Please note that a single game misconduct could result in sitting 2 games if the penalty occurred in a league game and the next game for the team happens to be non-league. In the event a player receives a game misconduct in the last league game of the season, the suspension will be served in the first playoff game in the end of season tournament. Any player, coach or manager who receives two game misconducts in one season will be suspended for the next two (2) league games over and above the normal USA Hockey rules. Any subsequent game misconducts will result in a hearing conducted by the Conduct Committee within 30 days of the occurrence. Until such hearing is held the individual involved is suspended from all BTHL play, including regular season and playoffs.


USA Hockey requires that a mandatory hearing be held by the Association involved whenever a Match Penalty is assessed. A written report from that hearing must be forwarded to the Conduct Committee within 5 days of the meeting. The Conduct Committee will either approve the hearing results or, if deemed necessary, will make any change(s) they feel necessary for future involvement in the BTHL season and submit a new recommendation to the President. From the time of infraction until the Conduct Committee ruling (maximum of 30 days), the player/team official is suspended from all league events, including regular season and playoff games. A second (2) Match Penalty will be handled in the same manner as above and will normally result in suspension from all league events for the remainder of the season, including playoffs. (Note: ANY Match Penalty for Abuse of Official, issued under USA Hockey Rule 601 (G) or (J), automatically goes to the USA/Mid-American Executive Board for their disposition within 30 days of the infraction.)


Failure to appear as scheduled may result in forfeiture. Games which need to be re-scheduled because of adverse traffic and/or weather conditions, be made up within 30 days (some flexibility is allowed depending upon availability of ice).


Refusal to compete in any game as directed by the Scheduling Chair, Division Director or Conduct Committee is considered immediate resignation from the League. Said team will be dropped from all subsequent League activities, functions, schedules, standings and trophy eligibilities.


Any team not completing their League schedule will be ineligible to participate in playoffs and will be brought immediately to the Conduct Committee with possible further action taken.



  1. The regular season will be scheduled at a single meeting sometime in the fall of the year. A firm date for this meeting will be determined by the BTHL Board during the summer before the upcoming season and has traditionally been held during the month of September. The official start date for league games is November 1 of each year. Games can be scheduled before this date only if BOTH coaches are in agreement to start early. In no case can games be scheduled before the official scheduling meeting.
  2. Each team making application to participate in the BTHL agrees to have a representative with available home ice present at this meeting. An individual will not be permitted to schedule for multiple teams.
  3. Teams are expected to schedule the completion of all league games before the season-ending League Tournament. They should arrive at the scheduling meeting with an open slate, the scheduling of any non-league games should be done AFTER the completion of the league schedule.
  4. In the event that a season schedule cannot be completed, each team involved will be required to supply the Scheduling Chair with the following information before leaving the meeting:
  5. All open weekend days (or other potential game days) for each team involved.
  6. All available ice times with a notation of why the opposing team(s) cannot play at that time. Consideration will be given to tournaments, but other non-BTHL games are not considered a valid excuse. Note also that this is a "Travel League" and while we are sensitive to the expense involved, in order to complete the schedule an overnight stay may be required.
  7. The goal of the Scheduling Meeting is to have 100% completion. At a minimum, any unscheduled games must have a plan of resolution agreed upon before leaving the meeting. Potential solutions could include (but are not limited to) scheduling at other rinks or counting an upcoming tournament game as a league contest.
  8. Sometime within a few days after the Scheduling Meeting, the Scheduling Chair will post an Official Schedule on the League Web Page. It will be each team's responsibility to notify the Scheduling Chair of any errors found and when corrected to confirm the accuracy of the schedule in writing.


  1. A firm date for this tournament will be determined by the BTHL Board prior to the final commitment date for application to the league and has traditionally been held 2 weeks prior to the State Tournaments.
  2. Each team making application to participate in the BTHL agrees to participate in this tournament. Refusal to participate may result in sanctions to be determined by the BTHL Board.
  3. The BTHL Board reserves the right to reclassify teams in the tournament as "B", "A" or "AA" depending upon the relative competitiveness of the divisions.
  4. Division seedings provided by the League will used for the play-offs. The League will also provide the Tournament Rules.


  1. The schedule (as agreed to at the Scheduling Meeting) is considered firm and may only be changed if both teams are in agreement to the proposed change. Any changes must be acknowledged in writing to the Division Director by representatives from both teams.
  2. In the event that a team postpones or cancels a game without the agreement of the opposing team, that team will be responsible for the ice and referee cost of the rescheduled game.
  3. In the event that the game is not rescheduled, that team will be charged with a forfeit.
  4. Notes regarding weather related incidents:
  5. The BTHL encourages all teams to use common sense and consider the safety of all involved when it comes to traveling in threatening weather. It is understood that the final decision to travel will be made by the traveling team and that decision should not be questioned by the BTHL or opposing team.
  6. While attempting to reschedule, keep in mind that league games are a top priority and it is understood that non-league games should be canceled or rescheduled if necessary. The burden to adjust an existing schedule should fall initially on the canceling team, but the non-canceling team may also be required to adjust their schedule if necessary.
  7. The consequences will essentially be the same as noted above in 3.2) and 3.3), ie: If the game is eventually rescheduled, it will be at the cost of the canceling team. If the game is not able to be rescheduled, the canceling team will be charged with a forfeit.
  8. If the teams involved are unable to agree on a modified schedule within 1 week of the originally scheduled game then all pertinent information should be forwarded ASAP to the Division Director. With that information a decision will be made as to which team will be charged with a forfeit.


In the event that a game is not able to be played to completion, it will be resumed where it ended unless the conditions causing the stoppage had some potential effect on the health or athletic performance of the players. If the cause of stoppage potentially affected player performance then the game will be reviewed by the BTHL to determine whether it should be replayed in its entirety. The argument that the condition equally affected players on both teams is not considered valid and will not be accepted. If the BTHL does not make a ruling within seven (7) days then the game will be resumed where it left off. This rule applies to all league games, including both regular season and tournament games.

As an example, if the game is stopped due to power or some other equipment failure then the game will be rescheduled and resumed where it left off. If the game is stopped due to carbon monoxide or ammonia exposure, the game will be reviewed by the BTHL and could potentially be replayed from the start.


  1. Teams are to use current official USA Hockey scoresheets (or equivalent), provided by the home team.
  2. The team representative is responsible for ensuring that the scoresheet is properly filled out and distributed to the required parties.
  3. The home team shall submit (mail) the scoresheet to the Division Director within 72 hours of game completion. The Division Director will distribute complete instructions prior to the beginning of the season.


Standings will be compiled by the BTHL Webmaster and posted on the league website.


  1. Protests based on referee calls and/or decisions will not be considered. Note: According to USA Hockey, you may ask the Referee making the call to change it and permission to do so must come from the Mid-Am Referee-in-Chief.
  2. All game protests must be noted on all original copies of the scoresheet and initialed by the referee immediately following the conclusion of the game. This must then be followed up with a letter detailing the circumstances of the protest, along with a check for the appropriate amount, to the Conduct Committee postmarked within 72 hours. (As an example, if the game in question is played on Friday night there must be a letter and check in the mail by Monday). The Conduct Committee will not consider any protests which do not follow this procedure.
  3. A $100 fee must accompany the protest. Should the protest be upheld the fee will be refunded. Please read the BTHL rules before filing a protest, ignorance of league rules may result in the unnecessary forfeiture of your protest fee.
  4. Any violation of BTHL Rules and Regulations will result in the forfeiture of the game by the violating team.
  5. If the protest is for any reason other than a rules violation and is upheld, every effort should be made to re-schedule the game in question. In the event the game cannot be re-scheduled, the ruling of the Conduct Committee stands.
  6. Any party not satisfied with the Conduct Committee's decisions, may appeal in writing to the BTHL Board for review.
  7. All hearings, whether conducted by the Conduct Committee or the BTHL Board, should be open to all parties involved. The procedure for holding the hearing will be established by the Chairperson/President. All parties will be notified in a timely manner. A hearing is not a BTHL Board meeting and thus the procedures for conducting board meetings do not apply.

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