End of Season Tournament

UPDATE 2/15/23

The Tournament Schedule and Tournament Rules are now available.

A few notes on the schedule:

1. We have received a few requests to be moved to a different division.  As stated at the President/Association Rep meeting on January 10, we are going strictly by MyHockeyRankings rating.  

2. See the Tournament Rules for details on how the 4, 5, and 8 team brackets work.  


Believe it or not, the end of the season is quickly approaching.  The End of Season tournament is scheduled for Feb 24-26 for AA and A division teams and for March 3-5 for B division teams. We are working the schedule so that teams will not play all three days, so will either play Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday.  Games are scheduled at Goggin, Indian Hill Winter Club, South Metro Sports, Sports Plus, and Hobart Arena.  

We will be using the Rating from My Hockey Rankings (MHR) to determine divisions for the end of season tournament.  MHR updates on Wednesday, so we will pull the tournament order from the February 8 update to schedule the tournament.  This means that teams that played in the B division could play in the A end of season tournament or vice-versa.  Please check out your team on MHR and make sure all of your games are recorded on the site to ensure proper end of season tournament placement.  We will be splitting teams into 8, 5, or 4 team divisions for the tournament.  All teams will play at least 3 games.  How/Where the split happens will be determined by the MHR to try to keep teams as close in competition as possible.  

Current standings at MHR for BTHL teams can be seen at the links below.  The bottom 9 teams at 12U and 14U, and bottom 10 teams at 10U will play in March.  The others will play in February.  Keep in mind that these can change between now and February 8, so if you are near the cutoff, be aware your weekend could change.  Again, please make sure all of your games, league and non-league are making it to MHR to ensure proper placement in the end of season tournament. 

10U MHR Standings as of 2/8/23

12U MHR Standings as of 2/8/23

14U MHR Standings as of 2/8/23