Final Divisions for all Travel Divisions (AA/A/B)

Final divisions are below - you can now begin scheduling League Games. Divisions of 6 or 5 teams will play 16 league games. Divisions of 4 teams will play 12 league games. All AA/A Division League games should be played by February 19, 2023. All B Division games should be played by February 26, 2023.  We believe we were able to accommodate every playing level request, but not necessarily every travel request. We did our best, but with the wide geographic area we cover, it was not always possible to prevent long distance games.

A team representative - either the Club Admin, the Coach or Manager should enter all HOME League games into the website as they are scheduled. To do so, go to your team page by clicking Account at the very top, then Teams on the left. Click the Team Page link next to the appropriate team and then Games on the left. You should see a +Game button on the page. Click that, choose the opponent, date, time and location. Important Note: only League games should be entered into the site.

Once the game is played, the home team is responsible to enter the game results. The home team must go back to the Games page to enter the score and upload the score sheet, no later than Monday evening after the weekend games. We ask you to keep on top of this and not wait to enter everything at the end. We want to see that teams are getting the necessary games scheduled and that they are being played.  

To see contact info for the teams in your Division, from your team page, click Contacts on the left.

If your Club uses Crossbar, we were told games entered on the league site will flow down to your Team page on your Club site, but in my brief testing that did not happen. I have reached out to Crossbar to figure out why, or if there is a delay in the process and I was too impatient. We hope to have more information on this in the next day or two.

Please let us know if you have any questions or issues using the new Website.

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