Seeding Tournament Schedule and Rules

We will be using the Hobart Arena, Miami Goggin Ice Center, Indian Hill Winter Club, and Sports Plus rinks for the Seeding Tournament..

Please see the following links for the schedule and rules. It will probably be easiest to find your team on the Teams tab, and from there look at the tab for the rink where they will play to find your game times.

Seeding Tournament Schedule                Seeding Tournament Rules

Please be sure to bring a copy of your approved USA Hockey roster when you check in for your first game and email the link to  Players will also need to individually check in when they arrive.  

Teams will NOT need to enter anything for the Seeding Games into the BTHL website. Please refer only to the link above for 2022-23 Teams and Seeding Game schedules. Teams and Divisions will not be created on the website until after the Seeding Game results are evaluated.